AMIOT Student Community

Welcome to the Amiot Student Community where our main goal is to get an individual to the point where they can speak English freely and with almost no grammatical mistakes.

We’re here to unite people under a common roof using our knowledge of English and yours: those who want to share their knowledge in how to be successful studying at university, subjects such as: Russian Law and International Private Law. They’re also given the opportunity to just talk about any innovations they’ve discovered in the educational systems in a very professional environment. We want to be able to spread our ideas and share yours in a way no one has done before: teaching you to live your life in English not by making you memorize verb tenses or textbook material, but just talking to you as an equal individual. We’re a community, a place where your voice matters and your thoughts are acknowledged.

I decided to create this project because for the past 3 years that I’ve lived in Moscow only a handful of people that I’ve met in the 2 schools and university have been able to talk to me even in the simplest English. I’m not taking the fact that most don’t even understand what I say unless I simplify my speech. I understand that everything they teach at school just isn’t enough for them to be able to formulate their ideas and thoughts into simple sentences, which in turn leads to a huge problem considering how much time and money, for some, is spent trying to learn a foreign language.

Nowadays knowledge of a second language is almost mandatory to get anywhere in life: a lot of employers look to hire employees with knowledge of a second language. Although English is taught starting from 4th grade in Moscow and no matter how much time students spend learning it, none of them are able to connect 2 words together to even say something simple, let alone keep a conversation going. No amount of time spent learning the language at school or at private lessons with teachers has gotten them any results.

All the English courses that are around and that most people go for help are great, but they cater only to a narrow array of people: those interested in getting some basic knowledge of how to pass a certain exam. These courses are designed for large audiences, not individuality like we are. We take into account each of your strengths and weaknesses and work with you every day: whether it’s calling, texting or email. We keep in touch on a daily basis because like I’ve stated before “We’re a community” and that means we work on every detail if you come to us for help in learning English.

Happy New Year 2013!
Welcome to the Amiot Student Community.
Best regards,
Alexander Katanski
Founder of the Amiot Student Community