English and Us

The world has evolved to the point where English has become the international language of business and just communication in general. Take any major metropolis and the streets are filled with people using English to communicate. It’s almost at the stage where without English you won’t be able to maneuver through life: whether it’s talking to people at school, your family or your colleagues at work. Since now most of your classmates aren’t living in their native country or were just raised in a family where they speak another language, English involuntary has become the solution to being able to communicate with each other. In today’s state of environment, knowledge of a second language is mandatory and that still doesn't guarantee a job on today’s labor market.

Taking a look at Russian and it’s course of evolution, we see how more and more words from English have somehow entered this language and you sometimes even catch yourself with the thought ‘what language am I saying this word in?’ Also living in Moscow, a city that’s becoming more and more of a business center, you meet English words on almost every commercial, whether it’s on TV or outside on some billboard.

English has become a necessity and being able to not only possess, but also apply your knowledge of English is what most Russians struggle with: taking the communication portion of it, not the writing or reading aspect. It’s absolutely great that you can read and translate different texts and scripts, but when you can’t communicate and get your idea across, then all that knowledge of being able to translate can be considered useless. Who needs a person who can’t talk, but only who can translate word for word? Most of the time translating word for word, you change the meaning of the sentence completely and without proper knowledge of English you’ll never be able to translate at the required level needed to even get a well paying job.

Everything we do is in English. Our method consists of bringing our students to the roots of the language: breaking it down to a child’s level where we teach you the phonetics and rhythm of the language. In order to talk, you must hear. Our community is here to teach you how to talk first, then looking at your results and individually setting up plans that fit your personality, taking into account your strengths and weaknesses.

We want for you to be able to use your English not only to get a result on some exam, but to use it in your everyday life: talking to your family and friends, at school with your classmates or at work with your colleagues. For us it’s important to establish a foundation where we put your interests above ours and as a community we solve each other’s problems. We also offer an introduction into International Private Law and Psychology in English.

Keep in mind this isn’t a social network, our purpose is different. This site’s designed to give you place where you can find answers to your questions and share your ideas with people that are on the same page as you.