Letters From a Forgotten Hero

Dear S.,

My squad has just landed in the enemy land. Our camp is set not too far from the main city of Jonglor. I could see from the helicopter window at the destruction below and I know that soon I’ll be in the thick of it all. But now it’s too late for any second thoughts. Kill or be killed. I can hear the screams of the soldiers, but it’s soon faded out by the roaring sounds of the artillery firing. It seems like there won’t be enough graves for all the thousands of soldiers giving their lives for the sake of freedom in their country. Hell, who I am kidding? We all know this is war and it’s not because our country’s freedom is at stake, it just seems like it’s a war for resources or something that I still can’t get my head around to grasp.

They said we won’t be here for too long, but I feel like that’s a lie. They’re feeding us just enough to survive and there’s a shortage of fresh water. I don’t know whether this letter will get to you, but I’m still writing it to let you know I’m still alive and breathing. When you will get this letter is all a surprise to me and maybe then things will have changed.

I don’t want to think about what can happen. I’m stressed out as it is. Every time I sit down to breath, I think of all the good things between us and I’m able to escape this hell. But just as quickly, I’m back here and this is no joke, this is war where it’s a life and death situation.

                Stay safe, write back.
                Your hero

My hero,
Thank you for your letter, now I know what is happening with you there.
I'm so worry about you, but I know that you'll survive. You should know that I'm waiting for your return.
Don't worry, you are strong. 
Don't be afraid, I'm with you.
Write me when you'll have a chance
Your S.

Dearest S., my angel,
I’ve just received your letter. It was delivered to me last night when I was reading all our previous letters, remembering all the conversations we shared back home, and how happy you made me. Your picture forever embedded in my mind, I can never forget you. What is going on here is evil and my hands are stained with the blood of the land. It is you, your thought that’s keeping me sane.
2 days ago we had our first battle. It was early morning; the sun had just risen from the east. The ground was wet for it had rained the day before.  I didn’t really have an appétit that morning or any of the days that I’ve been here. I’ve probably lost a lot of weight. Our sergeant woke us up telling us that the first operation would be put into action at 0700(7 am). I was already dressed and ready to get into the jeep to be taken to the military base when there was a surprise attack on our squad.  Straight away 3 men were killed and I was lucky enough to have been close to the jeep already to take cover behind it. I quickly loaded my gun and start firing towards the location where I thought the enemies were. I see my sergeant and a couple of my squad mates getting in the jeeps trying to escape. I did the same. I understood staying here I was of no help, but I didn’t stop shooting until I was out of ammo. Only then did I get the jeep running and I started following the remaining towards the military base.
At the base I was greeted by my sergeant and told that the enemy had somehow found out where our camp site was. There was probably a guy working for them, some sort of spy giving them all the information about our plans. He probably even told them about the operation we had planned for this morning.
There was no time to think about this and I was put in a jet, strapped up and given the command to fly. I flew and followed in with the rest of the soldiers flying to kill. 

My brave hero,
Environment that surrounds you, scares me.
I'm worried, but I know that everything will be fine. I don't know will you recieve my letter, but you should know that I'm waiting for you and I pray to save you alive. You'll survive in spite of everything: pain, fear. you should not be afraid, because I am sure that you feel that you aren't alone. I hope and believe that one day you'll get home safely and happy.
Write me, I send you some sheets of paper.
Your S.

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