To my girl,

We were just placed on a bus to head to a different military base stationed about 2 hours from here. We left early morning when the sun hadn’t come out yet. It started raining about half an hour into the drive and I started to remember our date from a couple years back. 

This was an early stage in our relationship where we were just starting to place the foundation. We just had had a rough day at university because there was a mix up with our schedule. I remember that morning really well because I had just come back from an amazing weekend. I also remember that weekend everything as if it was yesterday. 
The week before you had gotten sick and I was being a jerk. I just wanted to get away from the world and I had taken it out on you. But to be truthful you’re the last person who I wanted to hurt. You just happened to be the closest and it’s usually the people close to me who suffer the most. I had even gotten you to cry over all this. I couldn’t find the answers and after a couple of days of thinking, I managed to find the thought of you in all the chaos that was going through my head and it was the thought of you that saved me from this mess.
Come Sunday we were already talking again and everything was on its way to getting better. A sign maybe? Who knows? What held our relationship together that weekend is still a mystery to me. Some unworldly force, maybe an angel? I don’t really think about this too much, but the thought crosses my mind when I start remembering that weekend and the things you had to live through. 

So Monday rolls around and as you’re leaving your house, you can’t find your keys.  How ironic because it’s always me who’s losing his keys! At school there’s a mix up with the schedule, so part of the class decides to rehearse for their comedy play.  I try helping out by playing a role, but it doesn’t really work out because I don’t know the words. 
I was really tired that day, but being with you I sort of forgot all about it. The ride to your house wasn’t too bad and I remember getting out and you telling me that “It’s raining or something”. I remember you lived pretty far from the train station because of that day when I had to run to talk to you about something. You offered to take the bus. I even forgot that buses exist. Making me break the law by slipping onto the bus, I knew that I had led an innocent girl onto a bad path. 
The bus ride was nice even though I got my hands sticky from the leather strap that you hold onto. I remembered how as a kid I’d just wash my hands in puddle whenever they’d get dirty. You somehow managed to make me forget about it and when we got off at your stop, we were already talking about what to eat. You knew cacao was of great importance when we meet, so when I asked whether or not you have it at house and you said “No” I had to think twice of going to your house. 

When we reached your apartment complex and entered the elevator to go to your floor, you didn’t think twice that I was still walking behind you when you hit the call button. 
We finally reach your house and go inside and you start making some food, offering me a wide array of meals to choose from: mac and cheese or salad with the choice of coffee and tea. I didn’t know what to choose because the there was too many to choose from. I ended up ordering mac and cheese with coffee. We sit down to eat and we’re just talking. I’m telling you about some old friends of mine and you’re just listening. You do a lot of listening, never a lot of talking. 
After lunch we just go to your room and I’m just so tired that we lie on your bed together and enjoy each other. You start telling me about some of your friends and some stories connected with them. We talk about university and life. I don’t want to leave, but I have practice that day. If not for practice, I would of never left or cared about time. 
You’ve got college and outside I feel my eyes just closing on their own. I think I told you to catch me or something because I know I’m going to fall right now. We just stand at the bus stop holding each other and I’ve already forgotten about the bus and that I have to go to practice and that you’ve got college. My head on your shoulder and I notice that you’re the perfect size. Everything fits perfectly and I don’t care that it’s raining or that it’s cold, I just feel good and want to keep it that way.

The bus finally comes and I manage to get a couple of winks in of sleep. To summarize what happens next in 2 words – purely amazing. But I’ll talk about it anyways. 
The bus ride I can see that you’re also tired, so you rest your head on my shoulder while I’m looking at the window. I remember a lot of good times when I used to ride the bus back in my hometown. 

When we finally arrive at our bus stop and are walking towards the train station, I bring up the topic of stopping time and how cool it would be if it was possible. Then I start imaging how to control the weather by either drawing pictures and holding them to the sky or holding the sun in your backpack and taking it out whenever you need it to be sunny. This is where you surprise me with your offer to be able to erase the clouds with an eraser and how the changing weather can only be seen by a few people who sort of get invited to see it with you. 
We’re so tired at this point that we just find a seat in the train and sleep: together, you’re holding onto me as though you’re afraid to lose me and I’m using your head as a pillow. We reach our station: you head off to college and I go home. 

We were supposed to get some work done, but ended up just chilling. The whole day perfect from there. 

This was one of our first dates 3 years ago and now I’m in a far away land fighting, but you still haven’t left. 
Stay strong, your hero

My brave boy,I also remember this day. It was amazing. I really miss this time. I'm waiting for you, and we'll repeat this day when you come back. I believe that you feel good and aren't sick.I miss you.Stay strong, and remember that you aren't alone.

Your S.

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