Last letter?

The last few days there have been constant bomb threats, so I haven’t had the time to write back. As soon as the skies clear up from all the smoke, they’ve said I’ll be flying. Real life differs from the virtual models that they taught me to fly a fight jet on and I’ve only clocked in about 4 hours on the jet we had back home. A lot of soldiers that have been here for longer than I have tell me that it’s just as simple, except if you crash, then there’s no restart button. Seems comforting. I’ve been talking to a lot of the other soldiers here and they say that they also miss their loved ones and would take any chance to end up back home. A lot of them have kids and every waking moment dream of being back in the comfort of their homes. I’m planning of an escape, but I’m not sure if it’ll work. There’s a high chance that I’ll just die, but lately I’ve been thinking that either way it looks like I’m going to be stationed here for awhile and sooner or later I’ll just bite the bullet. I want to tell you to not worry, but that would be a lie because what I’m going to try to attempt no one has ever even thought of, let alone tried to do. I’m limited on time and once the skies clear, you’ll no longer hear from me. This might be my last letter! If you get a letter informing you that I’ve died, don’t believe it! Wait a month and if I haven’t come in contact with you, then I’ve probably died. Don’t lose hope! I miss you and want to just see you as soon as possible and never have to leave again!
yours truly, Al…(ink ran out)

Oh God, dear, I'm so worry about youI want you coming back safely.Try to survive. I have a hope. And I'll never lose it.I hope that I see you soon.Be brave. I know that you're strong.Miss miss miss.Save yourself. Write me, when you'll have a chance.

Your girl.