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News in a community is not only to know what’s going on in the world, but to understand how other people formulate their thoughts into words to later find your own unique style of writing and talking.

23.10.2012 | RUSSIA – Government launches smoking crackdown

Russia has launched a crackdown on smoking with a bill to ban tobacco advertising and raise taxes on cigarettes to help tackle a public health crisis in the world’s second largest tobacco market after China.... Подробнее

11.03.2018 | The Real Crisis in American Education: The Hardest One to Talk About

Mark Schulman, President of Saybrook University You know fall has really arrived when the media says American education is in crisis again. It's an annual ritual. We've been in this "crisis" for decades now, but the recurring hair pulling over test scores and international rankings masks a deeper problem in American education that is only just beginning to get spoken of in the mainstream media.... Подробнее

01.11.2012 | Tips For Giving In Times Of Crisis

As the devastation from Sandy is still being assessed, charities are helping those in need of food, shelter and security. If you're like most people, you want to support relief efforts, but with so many different options, how can you be sure you're stretching your donation dollar to do the greatest good? Organizations ranging from humanitarian to animal aid organizations have mobilized to provide relief, and Charity Navigator has some tips on how to be sure you're giving... Подробнее

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